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Presentation of the training

Cinemagis offers a complete two-year preparation program for the film industry and a year of specialization. The training is professionalizing, validated by a level 5 RNCP title (equivalent to Bac +2, recognized by the State).

The objective is professional integration and the entire supervisory team is mobilized throughout the program to individually accompany the students towards the creation and development of a network that is essential for integrating film and TV fiction teams.

The two years of preparation cover the entire chain of film creation and allow students to acquire the basic skills, operating « codes » and soft-skills of the film and TV fiction sector.

The year of specialization allows students to deepen the skills they have already acquired and to train for their chosen profession:

– Assistant film director
– Film camera assistant
– Audiovisual editor

Combining theoretical and practical courses (weekly modules), the themes follow each other at the pace of the productions expected during the course:

– in the first year, a collective stop-motion short film and an individual short film. The technical teams are formed by all the members of the group, about fifteen students in total.

– in the second year, a collective fictional clip or commercial and a documentary by teams of two or three.

– in the year of specialization, a long fiction with the three classes. A unique approach in France.


       Type of training :


      Campus :

Bordeaux, Marseille

      Duration of the training :

3 years

      Entrance requirement in 2nd and 3rd year :

Entrance exam, high school level


      Diploma aimed :

Titre RNCP NIV V Assistant film director

Titre RNCP NIV V Film Camera Assistant

Titre RNCP NIV V Audiovisual Editor

      Spécialization :







1st preparatory year

3000€ per year (split payment)


  • Analyze a film using the appropriate terminology
  • Write, develop, produce and direct a short film
  • Use of light camera equipment
  • Sound practice
  • Appraise a simple post-production
  • Edit and finalize a short drama
  • Storyboard and prepare an artistic and technical brief

Phase 1


  • History of cinema
  • Film analysis
  • Story board
  • Photography
  • Image technique
  • Sound technique
  • Production
  • Cinematography
  • Editing

Phase 2


  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Sound recording
  • Post-production
  • Production
  • Screenplay
  • Filming
  • Infographics
  • Animation

Practical work


  • Writing, designing, and ceating a 5-minute animation film

  • Writing and creating an individual end-of-year short film

2nd preparatory year

3000€ l’année (paiement fractionnable)


  • Assess a documentary film and analyze its content
  • Write, develop, produce and direct a documentary film
  • Practical use of camera equipment and documentary sound
  • Set up a short or long documentary project
  • Direct, produce and edit a fictional clip
  • Direct, produce and edit a 30s commercial
  • Perform color grading and simple mixing

Phase 3


  • History of cinema
  • Histoiry of media
  • Image aesthetics
  • Documentary writing
  • Filming
  • Production

Phase 4


  • Documentary directing
  • Editing
  • Motion design
  • Lighting
  • Grips

Image/VFX/Directing option on 120 hours preparating for the 3rd year option

Practical work


  • Writing, designing, and creating a 26-minute documentary film

  • Directing a collective short film, a music video, and an advertisement

3rd year certification – 5 options

10500€ per year (split payment)







Ecole de cinéma bordeaux

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