VAE Admission

Information on the start of the school year and the VAE competition


  • Presentation of the V.A.E. procedure
  • Advice interview
  • Help in choosing the certification or the title
  • Presentation of the certification

Submission of the admissibility file

The admissibility file contains :

  • Application form CERFA n°12818*02
  • Documents justifying the duration of the activities carried out by the candidate and, if applicable, the certifications or parts of certifications obtained and the attestations of training previously followed, distinguishing the duration of the periods of initial or continuous training carried out in a work situation, in direct relation with the targeted certification
  • Specific documents, if any, necessary for the examination of the application for validation: demo tape with extracts from films on which the candidate has worked.

Study of the file: notification of admissibility (opinion on the feasibility of the application) by Cinémagis.

Preparation for validation, individualized support

Evaluation in a work situation

Constitution of the VAE validation file:

  • Evidence of the candidate’s professional experience
  • Demonstration that this experience has enabled the candidate to acquire the knowledge and skills expected of a person holding the title in question in accordance with the certification reference system

Preparation for validation by the jury

Submission of the file to Cinemagis

Evaluation and validation by the jury

Expertise of the VAE validation file by the jury

Interview with the jury

Deliberation by the jury

3 possible situations :

  • Total validation – Title
  • Partial validation (valid for 5 years) – Prescriptions: additional professional experience and/or additional training
  • No validation

Notification of the jury’s decision to the candidate via Cinemagis